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Pallet racking is the system where the materials are stored on the pallets. This storage racking system is used in warehouses and many other industries like the manufacturing, distribution, wholesale and retail centres. Pallet racks are very useful because they improve the storage density and are very efficient and durable. But they are also very expensive. So many business owners prefer to buy the used pallet racks for their facilities. Because they are used, they come for cheap and most of them are available in the good conditions. Many supply centres buy the used pallet racks from many businesses and sell them to the others who require them.

Pallet racks come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. Each variety has its own functions and advantages. The business owners have to choose the right type that suits their requirements. The most popular types used pallet racks that are bought widely by many business owners are, tear drop, platier, prest slide and lock, republic, sturdi bilt, speedrack, structural, unarco, T bolt, penco, redi rack, wire way, frick gallagher, and webb style. Of all these preferred styles, the teardrop is the most sought after used pallet racks.

Pallet rack means the metal structure and the frames that hold the materials in the facilities. Because they are used to hold heavy loads, the buyer must carefully look for any wear and tear on the frames to the structure before buying the used racks. Any damage to the frame can cause the load to fall down and can cause huge accidents and loss to the materials and the workers around the pallet. Apart from this, any repaired area on the pallets frame will be hidden by paint.

Such frames will not be safe for reuse because there is no evidence that this frame was repaired by a qualified technician. So there is no guarantee that it will bear the weight of the new loads. And also the frames can be damaged by rust if they are kept in a climate controlled facility. A thorough inspection must be carried out before buying a used rack.


Before selecting a pallet rack for the facility, every business owner needs to consider few things. What are the materials that need to stored and what is their size and weight. What is the height of the ceiling in the building and the floor space, what equipment will be used to lift the pallets and what amount of storage density is required.