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Pallet rack is one of the most important equipments required in every warehouse. It holds stacks of goods and materials for storage. It has multiple levels of shelves to store goods and is often made of steel beams and upright bolts. The goods stored on the rack are on display which makes it easy for the workers to reach for them without any obstacles. Pallet rack makes it easy for the pallet jack or the forklift truck to lift and carry the pallets. The rack comes in various different styles, sizes and configuration. The business owners choose the style as per their requirements. The racks are very easy to assemble and require no tools.

The different styles of the pallet rack include the interchangeable style that suits all the major business needs. The teardrop style which is the standard style in the industry. T-bolt style which is very easy to install and its shelves can be adjusted to accommodate larger sized goods.

Upright frames

The upright frames expand the storage density in a warehouse. It comes with the teardrop style holes. This rack comes with simple instructions that make it easy to install and it is the most popular choice of storage in major businesses, warehouses and industries.

Step beams

This versatile system is used in many major industries for its unparalleled adjustability. Step beams when manufactured as per the industry standards give great strength to the racks to hold heavy loads. Beams are very easy to install and can be adjusted as per the needs in the warehouses.

Welded wired decks

The wired decks improve the durability, functionality and safety of the storage rack in the facility. The wire decks come in different variety of styles and shapes that fit all types of the storage racks.



The look and the functionality of the storage rack can be enhanced by adding few accessories like rack column protectors, flanged and fully galvanized cross bars, wall spacers and the row spacers.

Column Protector Shield

The post and the column protector shield extend the life and the durability of the storage rack. It protects the rack from any accidental collisions from the forklift trucks and other damages that occur in the process of loading and unloading. The end of aisle guards prevents any fatal injuries or accidents to the workers around the pallets.
Whether the pallet rack bought is a new one or a used one, it should be according to the safety standards set by the RMI and ANSI.