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Industrial racking is mainly used in the warehouses where large sized products are stored. It is useful to organize and store the products in the pallets. Pallets are used to store the products and these pallets are moved with the help of a forklift truck to be placed on the carts. There are many advantages of industrial racking. Each pallet is accessed very easily without moving the remaining pallets.

The storage space is utilized by only one pallet which gives way to adaptability of loads of any size and weight. All the varieties of industrial racking are durable, economical and functional. These racking storage systems come in huge varieties, shapes and styles. They fix the problem of limited storage in the warehouses and other industries where it is used.

Industrial racking storage systems include, pallet racking, industrial bins and steel or metal racking.

Pallet racking

The pallet racking storage systems comes in many different colours, styles and shapes and configurations. The common types of the pallet racking widely used in the industries are the selective pallet rack, push back pallet rack, and drive in drive through pallet rack, pallet flow rack, reel racks and the cantilever rack. These pallet racks are used for storing and transporting the material stores. They work on LIFO last in first out way where there is only one opening in the aisle for entrance and exit and FIFO first in first out method where there are two openings, one for entering and one for exit.


Steel or metal racking

The steel racking system comes in both open and closed types. The open racking system in more economical and is easily accessible. The open racking is more stable because of t the use of side and back braces. This eliminates the back, front and lateral sway. The closed steel shelving offers more stability because the back and the sides of the unit are enclosed. It has got more look and the look can be enhanced by adding doors to the unit.

The metal racking is used where the items are small and it is very durable and can be adjusted very easily. Due to its simple design it does not collect any dust or dirt and it does not block the sprinkler system in case fire.

Industrial Bins

These industrial racking bins come in different sizes, styles and shapes. They are easy to install and can bear heavy weight loads. They are easily accessible and can be adjusted as per the requirements.