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Pallet racking is a storage system that improves the storage density in the warehouse, manufacturing and distribution centres and wholesale and retails centres as well as in the cold storages. Pallet racking system comes in many different types that function differently as per their configuration. The common types of the pallet racking systems are the drive in drive through pallet racking, selective pallet racking, pallet flow racking systems, push back pallet racking systems and the compact mobilized pallet racking systems. Pallet racking means the entire storage system and pallet racks are part of the pallet racking system.

Buying a used pallet racking storage system cuts the costs to a larger extent because a brand new pallet racking will be very expensive. All the essential elements of the racking system must be in sound condition without any damages and no part should be missing. It should look sturdy and durable and all the bolts must fit properly. The main advantages of the used pallet racking storage system include, the space in the facility is used to the maximum benefit, all the pallets can be accessed at all the times, the system can be easily installed and configured and is very efficient in the operations. Other advantage of buying a used pallet racking is the environment is not hurt in making a new piece to meet the demand.

Whether the pallet racking used in the facility is used or a brand new one, few safety measures should be followed by all the business owners. Any loose components in the racking system will make the pallets fall apart causing damage to the frame and structure of the pallets and the faulty pallets can cause accidents in the facility. Any such damage should be immediately attended and repaired to avoid any big accidents to the people working around the pallet racks in the facility.


When buying the used ones, always buy the pallets that are not damaged earlier because faulty racking system cannot be durable and will give away when used extensively causing loading and unloading problems. They can also jam the flow systems thus blocking the other pallets in the row.

The equipment used to lift or place the pallets in the racking system should be properly motorized. And the ends of the aisles should never be blocked with pallets or any other materials. If the aisles are blocked, it leads to many fatal accidents. The pallets racking system should never be loaded above the specified limit. And the racking system should be inspected by a RMI certified inspector to check for safety measures and standards.