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Pallet racking system is storing materials on the pallets. This system is widely used in the warehouses, retail centres, manufacturing units and distribution facilities. It improves the storage density of the space in the facility. Many different kinds of pallet storage system are used in the warehouses. The most common racking system used is the selective pallet racking system.

Selective pallet racking is the most common type of storage system used by most of the businesses. Basically it comes in two varieties a roll formed and a standard configuration. The roll formed also known as the clip in is manufactured in a teardrop style. Meaning, the holes on the column look like a teardrop. The teardrop configuration can move the clips very quickly making the shelves to adjust to the new heights very easily. This creates more space to accommodate materials of any size.

The structural pallets system also known as the bolt together configuration works pretty much like the roll formed system. The only difference is the load beams which are placed horizontally are bolted to the uprights. This makes it stronger and gives capacity to bear extreme weights. The bolts fixing makes this system very adjustable. The shelves can be moved, reconfigured, dismantled or reused as required.

The selective pallet racking system gives access to all the items at all the times. This system is commonly used in the wholesale stores, cold storages, retail sale centres and mainly in the distribution centres.

The selective racking system consists of load beams, upright frames, and pallet supports, diagonal and horizontal braces, wire decking, shims, footplates, wall ties, row spacers, column protectors and the guard rails. The aisle used in the selective pallet racking system is very narrow. This system uses configuration that provides maximum utilization of the space in the storage facility.


The other types of pallet storage systems commonly used in the warehouses and the manufacturing units are the drive in drive through storage system; push back pallet storage system, pallet flow systems and the compact mobilized pallet racks. All these systems work on either LIFO last in first out systems and/or the FIFO first in first out system.

The advantages of the pallet storage system are that, they create more storage space and eliminate or minimize the building construction or expansion costs, and decrease the operational costs of the facility. the disadvantage are, the system does not give access to all the stored items at any given point of time, expenses of buying the system, the higher density storage system being the most expensive one while the least density system being the least expensive.