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A material that is designed to handle storage aids and store materials on the pallets is called a Pallets rack. There are different types of pallet racks available all of which work on storing the materials in horizontal rows in multiple levels. Forklift trucks which are usually considered to be an important part of the pallet rack system place the pallets which are loaded with the materials on the racks. Pallet racks became an important part of any warehouses that have modern equipments, retail centres, manufacturing facilities and many distribution facilities since the Second World War. All the types of pallet storage system increase the storage density. The least density creator will be the least expensive and the large density providers will the most expensive pallet storage system.

Some safety considerations have to be taken care of when dealing with pallets storage system. If there is any damage to the pallets like the damage of the frame, such damage should be immediately repaired otherwise, it will cause the materials that the pallets are holding to fall. The owner of the facility should warn all the people around the racks and place a warning sign around the danger area about the damage and ensure the safety of all the workers in the racks. Pallets should be regularly inspected for the quality and any possible damages like a broken plank, missing blocks, protruding nails etc. if these things are ignored or not noticed, it will cause accidents and problems like jamming the flow system of the rack.

A proper motorized machine should be used to operate the things in the facility. The end of the aisles should never be blocked by placing the pallets or any other things that can cause fatal injuries. The racking system should never be over loaded above the recommended specifications of the load. If the pallets are overloaded, it will cause breakdown of the entire storage system. To ensure the safety operation of the storage system, regular inspection should be encouraged by a qualified inspector who is familiar with the RMI safety standards.

Before purchasing a pallet rack storage system, certain basic factors have to be taken into consideration. The storage density that is required for the facility, space of the floor and the height of the building where this storage system will be placed, the way the doors and the columns of the building are placed, the inventory accessibility and the inventory rotation of the load, the desired design of the storage system and the cost of the materials and the installation that will be incurred.


The most common types of the pallet rack storage system used in the warehouses are the drive in drive through system where both the LIFO, last in first out storage system and FIFO first in first out systems are used. The push back pallet system where the space is organized by the depth which works on the LIFO storage system. Pallet flow system also known as the dynamic flow or the gravity flow system works on both FIFO and the LIFO system and the compact mobilized pallet system that maximizes the storage space in any warehouse.

The pallet rack storage system has its own disadvantages like the high density storage system being the most expensive compared to the least density storage systems and it also gives limited access to the stocks stored on the pallets at any given time.