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Pallets are used to store materials in huge quantities in warehouses, cold storages, manufacturing facilities, retail centres and the distribution facilities. Usually the pallets are shelved in to the rows using the forklift trucks or the carts. Shelving is done in two different ways. One is the direct access method where the each pallet is accessed directly and the other way being the compact method. The different types of pallet racking shelving include, chrome wire shelving, display shelving and the tire rack shelving

Chrome Shelving

Chrome wire shelving units come in a variety of designs and sizes. These shelving units come with wired shelves, wire bins and slant shelves. Usually they are durable and can be used to store useful items. They are very affordable and flexible. Each wired shelf can hold up to 800 lbs of weight. The wire in the shelves is trussed for high performance and durability and the wire runs from front to back of the shelves which makes it easy for the loading and unloading of the items. The main advantage of this shelving system is that the accumulation of the dirt is less and there is enough ventilation in the shelves. The visibility of the products from the shelves is good. The installation of the product is very easy with no tools required. Wire shelving units are widely used in the retail, pharmaceutical, food and service industries.

Display shelving

This pallet racking shelving storage system is used in stores where the items like grocery, toys, toiletries, stationery, drugs or clothing are put to display for the customers. It is a great way to utilize small space and store more products. Usually these shelving units come in single sided, double sided and upper level shelving types. Most of them are used in grocery stores, departmental stores and in many small businesses. The shelves can be adjusted and customized as per the business needs to accommodate the products. The installation of these shelves is very easy.


Tire rack shelving

This shelving is useful in the automobile stores. The shelves are used to hold the tires. The units are very sturdy build and it does not need anchors. These shelves are accessible from all the sides and are very easy to install and use.

Warehouse shelving

The pallet racking shelving system in the warehouses use basically three types of shelving systems like the pallet rack, bulk rack and the cantilever. The pallet racking system is the most widely used because of the accessibility to all the pallets in the facility and the option to store all kinds of products. The bulk shelving is used in the facility where the goods are loaded and unloaded manually and the cantilever shelving system can accommodate loads of any size because of its adjustable arms.